high my sigh why

i’m not sure why i post stuff like the one below other than to fill time. i just want to type something i guess. i mean, do you really need or want to know about my sleep issues? um, no, i didn’t think so.

anywho, i’m killing time on my lunch hour (yeah, i should be doing something productive but my brain is mush). so here’s something fun from www.photofunia.com there’s all kinds of kooky stuff you can do with photos on that site. lovely way to um, NOT be productive.

4 thoughts on “high my sigh why

  1. Love the redesign… looks amazing.

    Much better than black.

    And only if this were a real banner somewhere. CUTEST. Great colours of her.

  2. My daughter started sleeping all night at 3 weeks old! My son, on the other hand, literally didn’t sleep all night until he was almost 3!! It drove me craaaaazy!!
    Good luck 🙂

  3. adorable! I heart that. and you didn’t flake out on me at all ( referring to prev post.) you’re daughter is stinkin adorable. that is all.

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