aaaaaand here we are

Hi. I'm in one of those "I feel like talking/typing but I have nothing of value to say but am going to post anyway" kind of moods. Which usually ends up to be long rambling paragraphs about baby poop or the dream I had last night. But you don't mind or else you wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

weekend and more of the same

So, its been a good weekend. Very good. Here's a quick recap...I was off Friday. The Accountant was awesome and took Sam to day care. I slept till noon. Got up, went to grocery, gym. Home with fam Friday night. Saturday was stormy. Playdate was cancelled but we visited grandparents instead and did make it to... Continue Reading →

fiddle dee dee

Random. Someone found this blog by searching for "rockin it out". That made me crack up. Continuing the random. I have a problem. I cannot bring myself to throw away socks. Hole in the heel? Eh, put it back in the drawer, I'll throw it away never later. Trouser socks that are supposed to stay up under... Continue Reading →

for papa & grandma

click to embiggen pics... sam hugging cooper. he has paws on his eyes to block out the demon eyes given to him by bad lighting and a poor camera. these are some seriously cute feet semi-petting a goat at the zoo. of all the exotic animals to look at, she liked the goats best. sad... Continue Reading →


For the first time in several days, I met my supafly workout buddy and we went to the gym this morning. My workout was "meh" at best but at least I was there. I think we might try to switch some things up because I for one, am kind of loosing my gym-mojo. Maybe late evening work outs instead... Continue Reading →

tower pics

I just now turned my office calendar to April. Yes, that's me, always a few days behind the rest of the world. Anyway, it's a Paris, France calendar and this is the picture for April. This is a picture either me or hubs took on our trip there that I just found on my computer.... Continue Reading →

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