jolly ranchers, easter & a birthday

i want some. jolly ranchers i mean. the green apple ones are my favorites but the grape is a close second.

hope everyone had a nice easter. the easter bunny stopped by and left sam some new shoes, a couple of outfits, bubbles, a book, stuffed animal and lots of candy that was mostly consumed by mommy. the weather was lovely and well, it was a good day.

today is the accountant’s birthday! i don’t think he’s too keen on my advertising it but geez, it’s your birthday dude, i gotta do something. so happy birthday to you babe. i know these things have gone by with less and less fanfare as we get older and busier but i love you more and more each year. how’s that for romantic eh? kiss kiss.

i’m not feeling creative or introspective or much of anything except just here so have a nice day out there and be well.

One thought on “jolly ranchers, easter & a birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Accountant!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the grape jolly’s myself as well, I will save the greenapple one’s for you, too tart.

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