sometimes it just rains, even in Lake Wobegon

This post is brought to you by a Bible verse from Matthew, Garrison Keillor and my dad.

Matthew 5:45 …for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust…

A friend asked me to blog about a passage from Matthew that popped out at me and the above portion of verse 45, chapter 5 wins. Why? Because it reminds me of my dad. I can’t read or hear this verse without hearing my dad finish it off with “and sometimes, it just rains”. Can I get in trouble for being amused? Surely not. God has a sense of humor I think. I mean, he created toddlers right? Toddlers who try to bite their daddy’s toes when no one is looking. But I digress.

I understand the context; to love, bless, do good and pray for all people, not just your friends and/or fellow Christians. Valuable, if not a very difficult lesson to apply. For me anyway. It goes against human nature, against MY nature for certain. A struggle no doubt, but one made less insoluble by remembering that “sometimes, it just rains”. Thanks Dad.

Speaking of my dear dad…Saturday he cashed in his Christmas gift and I accompanied him to The Ryman for a live broadcast performance of A Prairie Home Companion. The man, Garrison Keillor in the flesh. I went as the chauffer on a daddy/daughter date, and came out truly enamored with Keillor, his monologue and his guests.

I remember when I lived at home, the radio being tuned in to static filled broadcasts of PHC. I wasn’t exactly a fan since it seemed much of the humor went right over my head and I wasn’t patient enough to sit and just listen. Ok, I’ll just go head and call it, in those days I thought it was boring. Yet, even then, Keillor’s voice was soothing and lovely and all kinds of melodic. And dad has loved it as long as I can remember. When Keillor was here a few years ago speaking at the Southern Festival of Books, we were there listening and then standing in line for ages at the book signing to get GK’s autograph. So when I saw that PHC would be in town, it was the perfect-made-for-my-father gift. 

I’m not really all that into music. Simply meaning that I don’t seek out new artists or genres. I enjoy them if I happen across them but it’s not my passion. However, I was quite thrilled to be exposed to new-to-me artists, The Dave Rawlings Machine. Gillian Welch performed with them and even a non-musical girl like myself knows who she is. I was a toe-tappin’, hand clappin’, shoulder swayin’ gal, lemme tell you.

Hey Dad, the broadcast that we attended can be listened to here. And yes, I am more than excited to make this a yearly event! I’m gonna be A Prairie Home Companion groupie y’all! And proud of it. 🙂

Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, I was practically the youngest person there. I like to think so anyway.

3 thoughts on “sometimes it just rains, even in Lake Wobegon

  1. sometimes it does just rain. I love this post. I’m gonna remember that… and a yearly phc event? Can we caravan? I LOVE Mr. Keillor and Lake W where the children are above average. yep.

    1. Yep, yearly, if he’s in Nashville. Caravan? Yes! We’ll be like the Keillor Gypsies or something…we can film a documentary and get famous…just sayin’.

  2. I really enjoy PHC, but I honestly never think to tune in if I’m at home. It’s usually something I find while making a road trip. It’s the perfect travel “Companion.”

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