weekend and more of the same

So, its been a good weekend. Very good. Here’s a quick recap…I was off Friday. The Accountant was awesome and took Sam to day care. I slept till noon. Got up, went to grocery, gym. Home with fam Friday night. Saturday was stormy. Playdate was cancelled but we visited grandparents instead and did make it to a friend’s daughter’s 2 year old birthday party that afternoon. Sam’s first official birthday party as a guest. Good time. Saw my college roomate (one of) who I haven’t seen in years and met some cool people. Sam had fun. The theme was fairies and there were wings. Cute ones. I wore them too. Woot. Sunday, not feeling well. Headache, blahs. The Accountant and I took Sam to the park and then to eat. Home to nap, blow bubbles and play in the yard with Cooper. Laundry, bathtime, bedtime. The end. A very nice, very busy weekend.

I’m still feeling ooky and am fighting off yet another funk. Big time. I got an email from that “job thing” and they said “you’re still on our radar screen but we can’t give you a timeframe, etc”. Still some hope but I can’t count on it. And so I continue to veg and be a zombie on Mon-Thur. I’m very thankful to only have to work 4 days a week because I really don’t think I could go there for 5. It sucks and I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck in so many ways. And tired of bitching about it as I said over and over and over again. I just hate it.

Ok, off to bed for me I think. Or maybe some reading.


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