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doobie doobie doo

28 May

Posting over here has been a bit light lately huh? Things are just…chaotic right now.

Speaking of weird, is it weird that I can’t sleep without socks on? Well, I guess I could if I had to but I don’t like to. At all. Why did I think of that just now? I have no clue. 

I am completely drawing a blank so here are some pics of the kiddo. Sorry y’all, I just got nothin’ right now.

This was on a rainy day when outside was not an option. I was at wit’s end (wherever that is, I bet its a cul-de-sac though) when a friend suggested homemade play-dough. And so we “cooked”. It was a hit.


If I could do this and get away with it, I totally would. I mean how cool would it be to be able to hide from the world by sticking your head into a green plastic bucket? Rawk. Just call me “buckethead fred”.

This was a sweet moment. Sam gets all excited when her dada goes out to “ma-mow” as she calls it. She has to go to all the windows as he goes along so she can watch him mowing the yard. Here, we pulled up a chair and she watched dada ma-mow and would wave to him every time he drove by.

Happy Weekend.

Better Karma

16 May

We had a great day at the zoo yesterday. It’s fast becoming a favorite destination for us. Hubs has a few pictures I may post later. We still didn’t manage to make it to the elephants. We always tire out before making it all the way over there. Sam’s favorites? The meercats & the goats.

Hi blog

16 May

I’ve typed this post a hundred times & don’t feel like saying any of it. I’m a broken record & there’s really no new way to say the same thing.

I’ve been sick with a nasty cold/sinus thing. So that’s fun. Kiddo is good, work is not. I need a jolt of something. Something strong & different that reeks of change & shuns the sameness. And yet, I feel like I can’t reach out for it. Can’t quite grasp far enough for it when I’m not sure what it is that I’m supposed to be reaching for.

My kid is crying so this post ends. And so it goes.


11 May

Testing WordPress Droid app. Gnite

mother’s day

9 May

Happy Mom’s Day! Mom, I love you very much and I hope you had a fabulous and relaxing day today! Mine was quite nice. Sam gave me kisses and hugs and cuddles and what more could you ask for really? Her “official” gift to me is a Droid Incredible which I hope will be on my doorstep when I get home from work tomorrow! I was treated to a yummy brunch today as well and there was of course, that super cute Mother’s Day card she made at day care. This being only my 2nd Mother’s Day ever, its still bizarre to think that I’m a mom. What can I say? Sometimes I’m a bit slow to process things like this.

We made the journey west to see my mom, family and grandparents yesterday. Those days are always tiring because we try to cram visits with both grandparents in, plus driving time. But it was a great day and so nice to see everyone. Sam was pretty great, in spite of missing her nap. I was impressed. I think the kid just needs to be kept busy to thwart the boredom. Like me, poor thing.

And now this mommy is heading to bed. G’night.

the flood

7 May

so, nashville, i love you. the last several days have been madness as you all know by now. no damage at our house. but so many others…there are just no words. besides the greater heartbreak of the stories of loss and death and unbelievable survival, how surreal was it to see nashville and it’s landmarks consumed by floodwaters? and it’s not just nashville. we can’t forget the multiple other counties who are hurting, those with less exposure than music city’s, made possible by the country music stars and politics.

i’ve been glued to the news and twitter keeping up with the latest and i have to say, tn is a great place. it really is amazing to see everyone pull together and help each other in the way that we have, and are still. as i tweeted and mention to some friends, its been frustrating to be at work sitting behind my desk doing menial office type stuff when there is so much need for volunteers to clean, donate, help. but i do what i can in the form of donations, money and time, and i know that if everyone does just a little, it will add up to a lot.

and so we survive and help each other.

Hands On Nashville

Second Harvest Food Bank

Red Cross

a post to tell you that i’m gonna post soon

5 May

I haven’t posted in a minute huh? I’ve been glued to twitter and the news for flood coverage and have been agonizing over the helpless feeling of not doing enough.

I’ll post soon. Y’all can all breathe easier now knowing that. Sleep tight.

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