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Posting over here has been a bit light lately huh? Things are just...chaotic right now. Speaking of weird, is it weird that I can't sleep without socks on? Well, I guess I could if I had to but I don't like to. At all. Why did I think of that just now? I have no... Continue Reading →

Better Karma

We had a great day at the zoo yesterday. It's fast becoming a favorite destination for us. Hubs has a few pictures I may post later. We still didn't manage to make it to the elephants. We always tire out before making it all the way over there. Sam's favorites? The meercats & the goats.

Hi blog

I've typed this post a hundred times & don't feel like saying any of it. I'm a broken record & there's really no new way to say the same thing. I've been sick with a nasty cold/sinus thing. So that's fun. Kiddo is good, work is not. I need a jolt of something. Something strong... Continue Reading →

mother’s day

Happy Mom's Day! Mom, I love you very much and I hope you had a fabulous and relaxing┬áday today!┬áMine was quite nice. Sam gave me kisses and hugs and cuddles and what more could you ask for really? Her "official" gift to me is a Droid Incredible which I hope will be on my doorstep... Continue Reading →

the flood

so, nashville, i love you. the last several days have been madness as you all know by now. no damage at our house. but so many others...there are just no words. besides the greater heartbreak of the stories of loss and death and unbelievable survival, how surreal was it to see nashville and it's landmarks... Continue Reading →

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