the flood

so, nashville, i love you. the last several days have been madness as you all know by now. no damage at our house. but so many others…there are just no words. besides the greater heartbreak of the stories of loss and death and unbelievable survival, how surreal was it to see nashville and it’s landmarks consumed by floodwaters? and it’s not just nashville. we can’t forget the multiple other counties who are hurting, those with less exposure than music city’s, made possible by the country music stars and politics.

i’ve been glued to the news and twitter keeping up with the latest and i have to say, tn is a great place. it really is amazing to see everyone pull together and help each other in the way that we have, and are still. as i tweeted and mention to some friends, its been frustrating to be at work sitting behind my desk doing menial office type stuff when there is so much need for volunteers to clean, donate, help. but i do what i can in the form of donations, money and time, and i know that if everyone does just a little, it will add up to a lot.

and so we survive and help each other.

Hands On Nashville

Second Harvest Food Bank

Red Cross

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