doobie doobie doo

Posting over here has been a bit light lately huh? Things are just…chaotic right now.

Speaking of weird, is it weird that I can’t sleep without socks on? Well, I guess I could if I had to but I don’t like to. At all. Why did I think of that just now? I have no clue. 

I am completely drawing a blank so here are some pics of the kiddo. Sorry y’all, I just got nothin’ right now.

This was on a rainy day when outside was not an option. I was at wit’s end (wherever that is, I bet its a cul-de-sac though) when a friend suggested homemade play-dough. And so we “cooked”. It was a hit.


If I could do this and get away with it, I totally would. I mean how cool would it be to be able to hide from the world by sticking your head into a green plastic bucket? Rawk. Just call me “buckethead fred”.

This was a sweet moment. Sam gets all excited when her dada goes out to “ma-mow” as she calls it. She has to go to all the windows as he goes along so she can watch him mowing the yard. Here, we pulled up a chair and she watched dada ma-mow and would wave to him every time he drove by.

Happy Weekend.

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