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fair warning…this post is about poop & chickens

30 Jun

Email I sent to my mom yesterday…

Sam Pooped in potty at daycare today!!! She told them she had to go and she did!!! She’s been Peeing in it too. She totally gets it!! She is a genius!!! She’s not even two!!! I am excited!!!! Help me. Hahaha.
Love, Me.

Notice how I capitalized Poop and Pee. Because these are extremely important aspects of life when you’re almost 2. Or the mom of someone who is almost 2. Needless to say, I’m excited about the potty training stuff.

In other kid news (yes, I’ve become THAT mom, sorry, you don’t have to read if you don’t wanna, shoo, go away, I won’t be offended), Sam was demanding that I act like a chicken on the drive in. Not even kidding. She does this thing where she puts flaps her arms like wings and says “BAWK BAWK BAWK”. You know, like a chicken.

So this morning she’s in her car seat doing the chicken imitation and then says “momma, BAWK” and points at me. Sigh. And you know I had to do it. A million times. But with one arm only. Safety first you know.

Whatever, like you’ve never done that before.

cheapy bleepy i sure am sleepy, plus other stuff

29 Jun

It occurred to me that I need to update my blogroll as some of the ones on the list are defunct, moved, or just plain out of date. That will go on my to-do list. Right after “give the cat a bath”. Meaning, don’t hold your breath, I really should do it but am feeling lazy.

What I also am is very freakin’ sleepy. Crazy cool insomniac friend, yes. Crazy cool early gymtime two days in a row, yes. Pathetic but you have to start somewhere. Again. But really Dani, you’re killin’ me. I’m kidding. Without her there is no way I would torture myself so. Oh, that reminds me, I’m putting this out here so I don’t back out. I’m running this 5K in October. No excuses, gonna do it with the Mayor and Ms Brown and I think Ms Diamond too, among others. So that said, let the training begin!

This is how I found sweet Sam this morning. Butt in the air, feet crossed at ankles, asleep. I don’t see how that’s comfortable but neither is a diaper full of poop I would imagine and she doesn’t seem to mind that either. She is doing so good in the toddler bed. She’s only fell out once, that we know of and in the mornings she is either chillin’ in bed or sitting in the rocker in her room looking at books.

Let’s see, other things going on with kiddo…she got bit on the shoulder by a classmate last week. Nice bite-mark still there too. I knew that would happen sooner or later although I kind of thought Sam would be the biter. I’m sure that is coming. Right now her big show of aggression is to stick that little hand out and demand that you “move”. She says it with conviction too. She means it. Get outta her way. Oh, and she is repeating everything we say. Someone in the household who shall remain nameless, was teaching her to say “turdbucket” the other day. And when I got onto that someone by saying something like “stop it honey!”, a little voice piped up from the backseat and said “top it honeeeeey”. Cracked us up. I’m having to watch what I say much more carefully these days. In traffic especially. No worries people, she’s only learned the words “crap” and “idiot” so far. And to sigh heavily and mutter under her breath. Kidding, kidding.

Fourth of July!!! Long weekend!!! Hot dogs!!! Fireworks!!! Celebrating our country’s independence!!!! But mostly, Long Weekend!!!! What’s even better is that since I’m off on that Friday…even longer weekend!!! Don’t hate. The Accountant and I are gonna chill together on Friday and do family stuff with kiddo the rest of the weekend. Whatever that means. Oh, lets face it, we don’t have plans yet. But busy-ness will ensue I’m sure, it always does.

Hmmmm, oh, there’s been a bit of movement on “the thing” but I feel like I will jinx if I talk about it. And besides, it will be a few more months before anything is solidified. Lets just say though that I do have a timeline now whereas I didn’t before. Until then, I plod on while sitting tight. Or something like that.

Have a nice day. Peas ‘n Carrots.


28 Jun

i’m contemplating lunch. what to have, what can i get for $6? do i go out, sit in my air conditioned car in the park, bring something back? if i get a happy meal do i get the boy or the girl version? it makes all the difference in the toy you get. should i go get a drink of water first? do i go at 1:00 or try to hold out until 1:30? flip flops or chucks? these are the questions i ponder during the day people.

sam took a 4 hour nap on sunday. therefore, so did mommy. this caused sam to wake up for no reason at 2:00 am monday morning. therefore, so did mommy. but, kiddo was able to go back to sleep. mommy was not. through the power of twitter and some connections, next thing i know i get a text from my gym buddy asking if i wanna go to the gym now. like now, like 2:30 am now. so i said yes. made sense at the time. had a good workout. went home to shower and back to bed for an hour or so.

look at these booootyfulll flowers that were waiting on me this morning…

pretty huh? love my accountant, he kind of rawks my socks. lots.

oh, i just noticed the “add a poll” option in my toolbar. now i’m wondering what i can ask y’all to vote on. ohhhh, maybe my agonizing lunch questions or something.

this post is boring me now so here’s a picture of me being silly.

fyi, the title of this post has nothing to do with its content. i was gonna write a serious thing about being in limbo and how that compared to my inability to actually do the limbo, blah blah blah. obviously, i decided not to. but it was gonna be really good if i had.

oh hey, i decided on the kids meal. boy version.

peas ‘n carrots.

11 years plus Anniversary Cobbler

27 Jun

Saturday was The Accountant and my 11 year anniversary! Wow right? Of course that doesn’t count the 3 plus years that we dated. So officially I have been driving him crazy for almost 15 years!

We were out to eat Saturday with Sam and it came up in conversation with the waitress that it was our anniversary. She asked the obligatory “how many years” question and we told her. She then looked at Sam and said “well, they waited a minute on you didn’t they?” Ha! Made me laugh because its true, we waited several minutes on her. Worth it though. I like that we waited so long to have a child. We had ample opportunity to get into that married life groove, do our own thing as a couple, lots of travelling, getting to know each other as a married pair rather than instant parents.

As a token of my love, I cooked. Baked rather. A blackberry cobbler. Wanna see? Here’s some progression pictures. Because when I cook, I wanna prove it actually happened.

A pan o’ blueberries…can’t screw that up right? Looking good so far…

Sprinkled with the dry stuff.

Butter! Yes, Butter! Feel like I should insert a Paula Deen quote here.

Then, the recipe said to place pastry on blackberries, trim edges and seal. Seal? Seal to what? The sides of the pan I guess. So I smushed my circular pastry thingy (thank you Kroger) into the sides of my rectangular pan. Not pretty but your tongue can’t taste pretty right?

Thirty minutes later, viola! Not bad right? I mean, it looks ok. Doesn’t appear to be lethal or anything. And so, angels sang, heavenly lights shone down and The Anniversary Cobbler took a place of honor in the kitchen.

The verdict? The Accountant says it tastes good. However, it is quite runny. Water comes to mind. Flour next time. Really. Oh, I didn’t taste it. What? Is that weird? I don’t even LIKE blackberry cobbler! This was a labor of true LUUUUUURVE people!!!


And so, Happy Anniversary baby! Love you! Next year? Chocolate cake!!!

but why?

26 Jun

toddler yoga

24 Jun

kids say the darndest things

22 Jun

If you have ever seen my father, you know that he looks remarkably like Abraham Lincolm. No exaggeration, I’m talking remarkably so. So much that he once made a waitress’s day by autographing a $5 bill for her and he gets some pretty funny comments sometimes…mostly from kids…

I thought you were dead??!! or Aren’t you that 5 dollar guy?

Adults often ask him if he’s considered impersonating Lincoln at school functions, reciting the Gettysburg Address, etc. I bet he could make a nice living doing party appearances, reenactments or something.

But this one took the cake.

I took Sam to my parent’s house this weekend for a visit. You should know that there is a picture of Lincoln hanging in my parent’s living room, as they are history buffs and come on, it would be a sin for them NOT to have a picture of Lincoln somewhere in the house given the circumstances.

“Papa” (my dad, the Lincoln look-a-like) was outside doing dad stuff and Sam and I were inside playing. Suddenly Sam starts pointing at the wall and saying “Papa Papa Papa” over and over. Since Papa wasn’t in the room I was a bit confused until I realized that she was looking at the picture of Lincoln on the wall and thinking it was her Papa and telling us so. I cracked up. A lot.

Fourscore and seven years from now, someone is going to read this and smile.

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