i'm contemplating lunch. what to have, what can i get for $6? do i go out, sit in my air conditioned car in the park, bring something back? if i get a happy meal do i get the boy or the girl version? it makes all the difference in the toy you get. should i go get... Continue Reading →

kids say the darndest things

If you have ever seen my father, you know that he looks remarkably like Abraham Lincolm. No exaggeration, I'm talking remarkably so. So much that he once made a waitress's day by autographing a $5 bill for her and he gets some pretty funny comments sometimes...mostly from kids... I thought you were dead??!! or Aren't you that 5... Continue Reading →


I have the worst time coming up with post I just called this one what I happened to be doing at the moment. I have discovered that when I'm stressed or tense, I hold my breath. Not to the point of passing out or feeling lightheaded, but just enough to make my chest tighten... Continue Reading →

mah brain iz mushy goo

how come i'm the only one here who is taking advantage of the 'we can wear jeans in the summer' dresscode? i walk around looking like a bum and all the other office slaves are all snazzified. eh, bet i'm more comfy anyway. i try to be a girly girl but sometimes, i'm just not.... Continue Reading →

let’s catch up

Business trip is over. End of story. Apparently the rumor is that the ocean was only 10 minutes away from where I was staying. Did I see it? Negative. Don't ask. Ok, you're all caught up now. No really. That's it, all I got. Everything else is just a repeat of prior posts and/or things... Continue Reading →

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