let’s catch up

Business trip is over. End of story. Apparently the rumor is that the ocean was only 10 minutes away from where I was staying. Did I see it? Negative. Don’t ask.

Ok, you’re all caught up now. No really. That’s it, all I got. Everything else is just a repeat of prior posts and/or things I can’t write about here. I’m kind of over this blog except as a mommy blog I guess. I just haven’t had any motivation to post here lately. And then there’s the censorship thing. I know that there are some people who follow me on twitter and therefore have access to this blog and it makes me wary to post about work stuff or some personal stuff. As well, professionally, there are things I can’t or shouldn’t say here. I guess I just feel confined here. Eh. It is what it is. 

Kiddo is up from her nap. Ciao.

2 thoughts on “let’s catch up

    1. I know! There is no point. But the only reason I didn’t get to go out on the one free night we had was because my head was a’sploding. Boo.

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