mah brain iz mushy goo

how come i’m the only one here who is taking advantage of the ‘we can wear jeans in the summer’ dresscode? i walk around looking like a bum and all the other office slaves are all snazzified. eh, bet i’m more comfy anyway. i try to be a girly girl but sometimes, i’m just not. or, as somebody i know used to say ‘i’m snot’. giggity.

the gym…i went 2 days last week. go me. tomorrow morning i will get my lazy fat butt up out of bed and go to the gym. i am telling everyone on the internet so you will make me go. make me. i’m not kidding. no matter how much i whine, pull the covers up over my head, burp in your face, etc…make me go.

it is humid as heck ain’t it? i walked outside yesterday after having been confined for hours and it took my breath, that heaviness in the air. it just sits on you like a carhartt coat. have you ever worn one of those things? they are indestructible and impenetrable, but dang if you can move!

i am all discombobulated. i forgot my poptart and diet coke this morning. left them in the fridge with my carefully prepared chicken sammich and tortilla chips. ’cause i’m all about some carbs it would seem. i do have popcorn in my desk but it is encased in glass and i’m not supposed to break it unless its an emergency or something. that’s what the sign says anyway.

i’m thinking about going to see a movie by myself on my day off soon. i’ve never done that before, see a movie all by myself that is. i think i’d like it. i have no idea whats out right now but as long as its not horror, war/military, stupid, claymation, doesn’t have any underwater scenes, or bodily fluid explosions, i’m good. i’m thinking that eliminates most of ’em. i wanna see a lighthearted chick flick i think. or a silly comedy. or something foreign where i have to read subtitles, because subtitles are sexy doncha know?

taking baby girl and heading west this weekend. did you know that mom? i’m coming to visit y’all. might even spend the night…see how i invite myself and my kid over online like this? we want to see dad for father’s day and get back home to celebrate father’s day with the accountant as well. all these daddios. they’re super cool and we love them to pieces.

pieces….reeses pieces….i’m hungry…i deem it lunchtime now.

peas n’ carrots. (but not for lunch)


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