I have the worst time coming up with post titles…so I just called this one what I happened to be doing at the moment.

I have discovered that when I’m stressed or tense, I hold my breath. Not to the point of passing out or feeling lightheaded, but just enough to make my chest tighten and feel weird. Its an annoying habit.

Um, I’m pretty sure I’m taking kiddo to my parent’s this weekend but I haven’t heard if that is ok yet…perhaps I should call. I do hate talking on the phone so. Are you reading this mom? Can we come home this weekend or not? Don’t make me dial the phone please.¬†Please?

Here’s a picture.


One thought on “yawning

  1. Yes, of course. Fam too, if inclined. I’ve been reading, just too knee deep in lesson plans and grading to reply. See you this weekend, we hope.

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