kids say the darndest things

If you have ever seen my father, you know that he looks remarkably like Abraham Lincolm. No exaggeration, I’m talking remarkably so. So much that he once made a waitress’s day by autographing a $5 bill for her and he gets some pretty funny comments sometimes…mostly from kids…

I thought you were dead??!! or Aren’t you that 5 dollar guy?

Adults often ask him if he’s considered impersonating Lincoln at school functions, reciting the Gettysburg Address, etc. I bet he could make a nice living doing party appearances, reenactments or something.

But this one took the cake.

I took Sam to my parent’s house this weekend for a visit. You should know that there is a picture of Lincoln hanging in my parent’s living room, as they are history buffs and come on, it would be a sin for them NOT to have a picture of Lincoln somewhere in the house given the circumstances.

“Papa” (my dad, the Lincoln look-a-like) was outside doing dad stuff and Sam and I were inside playing. Suddenly Sam starts pointing at the wall and saying “Papa Papa Papa” over and over. Since Papa wasn’t in the room I was a bit confused until I realized that she was looking at the picture of Lincoln on the wall and thinking it was her Papa and telling us so. I cracked up. A lot.

Fourscore and seven years from now, someone is going to read this and smile.

5 thoughts on “kids say the darndest things

  1. Okay, this is weird. The men in my family on my dad’s side are known for resembling Abe Lincoln when they get older. Not in an uncanny way like your dad apparently does, but still.

    That aside, Sam is just the sweetest. I’d love to see her and Marley have a play date :). They both have the terrible twos coming up soon, though…

    1. Yeah, that is odd, but funny. For some reason I thought you’d met dad before. And a marley/ sam playmate would be super cute, terrible twos or not!

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