i’m contemplating lunch. what to have, what can i get for $6? do i go out, sit in my air conditioned car in the park, bring something back? if i get a happy meal do i get the boy or the girl version? it makes all the difference in the toy you get. should i go get a drink of water first? do i go at 1:00 or try to hold out until 1:30? flip flops or chucks? these are the questions i ponder during the day people.

sam took a 4 hour nap on sunday. therefore, so did mommy. this caused sam to wake up for no reason at 2:00 am monday morning. therefore, so did mommy. but, kiddo was able to go back to sleep. mommy was not. through the power of twitter and some connections, next thing i know i get a text from my gym buddy asking if i wanna go to the gym now. like now, like 2:30 am now. so i said yes. made sense at the time. had a good workout. went home to shower and back to bed for an hour or so.

look at these booootyfulll flowers that were waiting on me this morning…

pretty huh? love my accountant, he kind of rawks my socks. lots.

oh, i just noticed the “add a poll” option in my toolbar. now i’m wondering what i can ask y’all to vote on. ohhhh, maybe my agonizing lunch questions or something.

this post is boring me now so here’s a picture of me being silly.

fyi, the title of this post has nothing to do with its content. i was gonna write a serious thing about being in limbo and how that compared to my inability to actually do the limbo, blah blah blah. obviously, i decided not to. but it was gonna be really good if i had.

oh hey, i decided on the kids meal. boy version.

peas ‘n carrots.

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