july 5th

I hope you all had a grand, festive and most importantly, safe holiday weekend. The Accountant and I were off Friday and are both off Monday so that’s a nice weekend lenghthener. We spent a nice day together on Friday and time with kiddo over the rest of the weekend. Our holiday was uneventful really. No family get togethers, no fireworks, no cookouts. How lame are we huh? Ha. The neighbors did the fireworks thing and Sam wasn’t a fan. She was equal parts intrigued and terrified. So we spent much of the last couple of evenings glued together at the chest, her head on my shoulder, arms around my neck, eyes squeezed shut and saying “no tirewoks”.  Ah well, maybe next year.

My energy level has been low the last couple of days. I’ve napped when kiddo napped. Long luxurious 4 hour marathon naps. But still feel tired. Maybe I need more iron or something. Do chocolate chip cookies have iron? Because I’ve got that one covered.

Anyway, have a great week. Peasout.

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