Quick weekend recap…lovely weekend with The Accountant. Mom came to stay with Sam on Saturday night so hubs and I got a hotel room in the city and lived it up like almost 40 year olds tend to do. (Well, almost 40 and almost 35 year olds anyway. Guess who’s younger?) Thanks mom, you rawk.

Know what I hate? Those little ankle socks that don’t even come up to your ankle and ride down your heel inside your shoe causing you to have “slumpy sock syndrome” and henceforth, blisters on that part of your foot above your heel. What’s that place called? You know where I’m talking about, that big tendon back there. Anyway yeah I hate those kind of socks.

I caught myself staring at a green highlighter for several minutes today. Must’ve been for at least ten minutes. Fascinating, those highlighters.

Goals for the evening: I will go to bed early, my kid will not wake up at 1:00 am coughing and randomly pointing at things, and I will not have an anxiety attack. I will be at the gym in the morning if it kills me.

Sam’s birthday is next Saturday. I should be thinking about ordering the cake. Y’all know I’m not baking it. Elmo? We did that last year. Wiggles? Excellent possibility. Sesame Street in general? Another excellent choice. Presents? I think I’m gonna get her one of those fuzzy toilet seat covers for her pink potty. The Accountant has been getting her ready to tell everyone her age in time for the big day. He says “how old are you” and she replies “I twoooooo” and does her best to hold up two fingers. But sometimes it just looks like she’s flashing a gang sign. Poor kid.

The End.

One thought on “sup?

  1. mad workout this am. thanks friend… I hate those socks as well. I thought you were baking? that gets my vote… just sayin.

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