kind of the pits

This weekend I mean. I’m sick yet again. Its my bi-monthly sinus infection. Welcome Back Snotter and all that jazz. I’m sure the clinic will just throw amoxicillin at me since I’m a regular. I’m wondering if a visit to an ENT or some such is in order. And don’t faint, but I am THIS close to trying that neti pot thing that my friends have been onto me about. Except that I’m a big fat snotty wuss when it comes to pouring water up one nostril so that it’ll come out the other. I mean really? But you know what they say about desperate times.

I feel bad because Sam doesn’t understand why mommy is grumpy and blah and doesn’t want to go outside and play in 100 degree heat and 70% humidity. And so there has been a lot of Sesame Street happening this weekend. The Accountant was a lifesaver today and took her to the park to sweat out some energy and I’m so grateful. Thanks babe. I folded laundry while you were gone. Go me. Eh, I suck I know.

I guess I should be planning a little birthday shindig as Sam will turn 2 on Saturday. We’ll have a small party with just whatever family can come and share in the madness of an Elmo-crazed todder on a sugar high. It’ll be fun, really.

Peas ‘n Carrots.

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