in an instant

this person can walk into a room and suck the life right out of it. if i happen to be in a good mood, she kills it instantly. and the thing is, i shouldn't let someone else have such an effect on my day. but this person, she is poison. and frankly she needs several... Continue Reading →

down time

It's almost midnight on a work night and I know I should be in bed. Tomorrow is well, tomorrow, and I will stumble through it in what has come to be my normal zombie-like state. I'm having trouble getting to bed before this time lately. I just feel like this time of night is the... Continue Reading →

old journal entries

I just want to sit here and watch the cars go by out of the corner of my eye. The wind is strong today. Trees are swaying. My hair is a wreck. A purple and blond striped fun wreck. There is a couple sitting on top of a picnic table several yards away from where... Continue Reading →


i should be in bed but i'm not. its that lil trick i try on many nights to try to keep the next day from coming. if i don't go to sleep, morning won't come. that's my theory that i can't seem to prove. hey, i never claimed to be logical. i have a couple... Continue Reading →

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