i should be in bed but i’m not. its that lil trick i try on many nights to try to keep the next day from coming. if i don’t go to sleep, morning won’t come. that’s my theory that i can’t seem to prove. hey, i never claimed to be logical.

i have a couple of drafts that aren’t suitable for posting just yet. but i wanted to make sure i remembered how to do this so here i am. and besides, dani made me feel guilty tonight for not posting in a while. so here ya go lady!

is it just me, or does the progressive insurance chic seem like she’d be really fun to hang out with? even if she does wear a bump-it.

2 thoughts on “stalling

  1. didn’t mean to make ya feel guilty lady. I just miss your posting.
    JINX! hahaha. I haven’t seen that one before. I would totally be her friend, wonder if she would be gym cool? cause thats a pretty exclusive place.

  2. If you and Dani think that chick would be fun to hang out with, then I probably wouldn’t 😉 But I would hang out with you two any day! 🙂 Love you and love your random postings anytime they happen!

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