old journal entries

I just want to sit here and watch the cars go by out of the corner of my eye. The wind is strong today. Trees are swaying. My hair is a wreck. A purple and blond striped fun wreck. There is a couple sitting on top of a picnic table several yards away from where I sit in my parked car. They’re dressed like they work in an office. Maybe they’re on their lunch break. There’s just enough distance between them to make me think they’re not used to each other. Not together. Not yet.

I wish I could test out different lives. Like those books I used to read in Jr. High. The ones with alternate endings. You could always go back and pick a different path if you didn’t like how one way ended. Although, I know me and I know I’d have to explore all possible endings just in case the one I picked wasn’t as good as the others. Never leaving well enough alone.

Ho hum. I’m sitting under hot lights that make me look like an alien in the hair salon. My stylist is trying out a new color technique she just learned at some hair show in NYC last week. Good thing I trust her and am not afraid of something funky and different. There’s an elderly lady under the dryer getting a perm. They still DO perms? I wonder if I’ll be one of those old ladies who get her hair did every week and teeter totters out of the salon with  a teased fuzzy halo. Griefers, I hope not.

2 thoughts on “old journal entries

  1. how many times do you write about your hair/ and if you are the old woman at the beauty parlor can I be there with you and instead of purple can we go for pink’s and greens? cause that would be sweet. just saying.

  2. ahahahah! i noticed the hair thing too, but really, not that much, coincidence i promise! pink and green would be good. we could soooo rock it.

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