in an instant

this person can walk into a room and suck the life right out of it. if i happen to be in a good mood, she kills it instantly. and the thing is, i shouldn’t let someone else have such an effect on my day. but this person, she is poison. and frankly she needs several things. a good ass kicking and some valium for starters.

but thank goodness for people of the opposite nature. the ones who light up the space around them, naturally, with their aura. and yes, i’m one of those new agey people who believe in auras. those people are rare. i am lucky enough to know four of those type of people (i’ve counted). and i hold them close to me.

and its easy to say “you need to rid yourself of negativity in your life, including negative people, the ones who bring you down”. great advice if you can do it. but there are some people who you just have to be around, you don’t have a choice. be it family or coworkers or whatever.

and so, the solution i suppose is to work on how you react to the downers. this is very very very very difficult for me. because my knee jerk reaction is to shoot daggers at them and get passive aggressive. i hate that about myself. giving other people control like that is self-destructive.

anyway, enough armchair psychology. i’m off to the pharmacy and then to conduct an ass-kickin’. kidding. maybe.

2 thoughts on “in an instant

  1. Wasn’t it Eleanor Roosevelt who said that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent? So, attitude is something you can control–according to her. She didn’t say how, but she did so herself. Any biography of her life shows how shy and defeated she felt as a child, but later, as a President’s wife and some pretty crappy treatment by hubs, she got over it and came across as resilient and sure of herself. Easier said than done, of course. We all struggle with reacting or not reacting to other people. You’re not alone.

  2. Ditto to what maw finn said.
    but I know exactly the type of person you speak of. those people make me TIRED. I hope I’m not like that to others.
    hang in there. heart you.

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