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changes, they are a comin’

21 Aug

This chick on House Hunters is looking for a townhouse in Toronto. The one before, the couple was looking for a vacation home in Napa Valley. This show is like crack for me. It sucks me in and won’t let me go. Both of these episodes are reruns but I watch them anyway.

House stuff is happening. We’re cleaning, decluttering, purging and packing like wildfire up in here. Ok, maybe not wildfire. More like smoldering coals, but progress is being made. I took a ton of baby stuff to consign this weekend. Strollers, pack ‘n play, swing, clothes. All I can say is, birth control pill? Don’t fail me now! The Accountant made awesome progress on the basement too, among other things.

I had an interview Friday. It was intense but promising. But then, I’ve said that before and haveĀ been crushed. So who knows. Afterward, I did my typical routine where I replay it all in my head and wonder why I said certain things and didn’t say others, why I answered one question that way and another question another way, why I laughed at that particular moment and stammered at another. Second Guesser is my middle and last names. But I walked away from it knowing that I was completely myself, honest and open and just…me. As dorky as that is. And so, I wait.

Ohhhhhh, now Color Splash Miami is on. I love me some David Bromstad. Ciao.

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