because i want you to get a neck crick

yeah, i know this video of kiddo is sideways. i totally did that on purpose. makes it more interesting.

4 thoughts on “because i want you to get a neck crick

  1. that is adorable. and i thought the sideways video was just you making it easier to not get moving sickness. see you’re really looking out for us… really.
    heart you. “byebye”

  2. Yea, I just went to the chiropractor yesterday to get that neck crick out too! Adorable anyway.
    Tell hubby we need to get together for lunch sometime. I got some more clothes for little one but don’t know if you want them right now.

  3. 🙂

    grandma t, hiya!!! come visit us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gave hubs the message. and we will take any and all clothes! she wears the ones you already gave us all the time! we love hand-me-downs!

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