quick check in

we had a nice day off together today. kiddo was super excited to go to school. she is loving her new room and teachers and is adjusting great. i am constantly amazed by her. her new favorite song is “boom boom, ain’t it great to be crazy”. it is so funny to hear her sing along with it. i love this song too because i relate to it quite nicely.  i’m afraid she is much like her mother.

hubs and i went to our favorite breakfast spot and i had chocolate chip pancakes for brunch…and the yumminess was not spoiled even one tiny bit by a friend referring to my “rat poop pancakes”. but really, now i will always think of that when i order these. thanks c. heh. sidenote: allison krauss walked out of the restaurant as we were standing in line. i wonder what she eats for brunch?

my bro gets married in one week! the wedding will be in my parents front yard and is going to be so cute and sweet. i am now in possession of the bridesmaids dress and shoes. its amazing but they both fit even though they were ordered site unseen. i’m excited for the big day and for my brother and my friend as they start a new life together.

there’s no news on the “thing”. i will be inquiring to the status next week. stay tuned for either great joy or colossal nervous breakdown.

tomorrow is bookclub. well, i should say today since its 1:30 am. i just finished The Lovely Bones. hello manic sobbing and 2 boxes of kleenex. seriously though, it was beautifully written and just so raw. i loved it even though it wrenched out my heart.

holiday weekend = yay. there will be cookouts and family and hopefully naps like this one.

peas ‘n carrots.

One thought on “quick check in

  1. I LOVE that book. seriously love it. glad you had a good day off…. I love random days off that just seem perfect. miss your face. seriously.

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