sitting here

I’m sitting at my desk, earbuds in, drowning myself in whatever Pandora Radio deems fitting. Its gray out today (I can tell this if I lean forward in my chair just so and peek out the window of the office across the hall) and that suits my mellow mood. I’m feeling a bit teary. I’m guessing a raging case of PMS is on its way. Stand clear.

My little brother is getting married on Saturday. We’ll head west tomorrow and check into a Hampton Inn in a nearby town and go to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. Sam is a flower girl so that could be either really cute or really disastrous. Eek. I’m excited for them and remembering The Accountant’s and my own sweet wedding in that same small town. It makes me all reflective and stuff.

A coworker just told me that I looked like I was about to “hop on a subway”. It must be the baggy black pants, scruffy chucks, earbuds and hippie sweater I’m wearing. I just smiled ruefully (don’t you love that word?) and told her that would be awesome if I were. I need to get back to New York soon.

Looking forward to lunch with Dani and Mr. Twitter today. I will be eating Indian food for the first time. Shut up, I’ve been very sheltered when it comes to different foods and I will choose the sloppy burger and over the fancy filet mignon every time. Don’t tell them but I’m secretly glad there is a 5 Guys right next door. You know, just in case.

Peas ‘n Carrots. Or curry. Or something.

UPDATE: Indian food…I’m a fan!

4 thoughts on “sitting here

  1. Dani, I’m glad you put up with my weirdness. So great to see you and remember, we’ve got 5k training to do!

    Mike, Aw, thanks. And yes, I’m catching the next train to Chelsea asap. 🙂

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