A bed hog & a very cool wedding

I’m in a hotel room with The Accountant and kiddo. There are two beds. Sam is sleeping with me. She is as close as is possible to me and has both arms stretched out and legs too so as to take up as much room as a two year old can and crowd mommy on the edge of the bed. I don’t mind though. It’s sweet how snuggly she is. Besides, being a flower girl is exhausting work.

She did so good tonight. But tomorrow is the real deal so we’ll see. I’m hoping she’ll get a good nap in and be well rested and in a good humor for the big show.

My brother’s wedding is going to be a bit different than your traditional cookie cutter walk down the aisle type events. Let’s just say some of us will be arriving at my parent’s front yard in a horse drawn buggy. And there is no traditional “aisle”. The wedding party will be walking down a huge hill and emerging from a wooded path into the clearing of the yard where the actual ceremony will take place. There will be live music, violin and guitar, and lovely singing. I think there’s a unity sand ritual of some sort as well. Oh, and a three legged dog named Sassy.

This is going to be the Best.Wedding.Ever.

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