it just hit me

My little brother is getting married tomorrow. What’s that you say? Come again? My little brother is getting married tomorrow? I’ve been busy packing and ironing (I only iron when I’m severely stalling on the packing thing) but I just sat down to take a breather and it hit me. My little brother is getting married tomorrow. Wow.

Bro is three years younger than me so he’s no longer that kid who used to trade seriously hard arm punches with me and who I would get so irritated with that I would sigh and huff in exasperation and roll my teenaged girl eyes to the ceiling. He’s a grown man about to, gulp, get married to a great girl and friend. They really are the perfect pair.

Hey bro, remember that time I flew down The Hill on my bike and ran into you on your tricycle at the bottom? We had an oh-so-awesome-and-epic-crash and my parents still tell that story. I think that day gave Dad a few extra gray hairs because all he could do was watch it happen and wait for the aftermath. And remember your first haircut? I gave it to you with those plastic kiddie scissors we used to cut construction paper with. Mom was on the phone I think and I decided that your lovely curls needed a’trimming. And remember how on report card day mom and dad would buy us a box of Little Debbies and a soda and we’d have “report card parties”? And remember how when it snowed we’d get dad’s snow shovel and use it to sled down The Hill? And remember when dad used to take us to the Memphis Zoo and we’d get lost every single year?  And remember spending the weekends at gramma and grandpas and sliding in our sock feet through the kitchen and utility room Risky Business style? And how all the grandparents let us stay up until 10pm exactly and how grandpa would sit in his recliner and snore and I’d cast wary glances at his brass spittoon that looked so gross but smelled so good? Remember?

Now you have new memories to make, just like I’ve made new ones with my spouse. It’s a fun time little brother. Be a man, take care of her, treat her nice and buy her flowers every now and then. I love you.

It snowed last year too:  I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea.  ~Dylan Thomas

2 thoughts on “it just hit me

  1. very sweet. just saw a few pics on “the facebook” and it looks like a very wonderful day. by the by… you were one HOT bridesmaid.

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