I seem to have crawled into a hole here lately and haven’t been in much of a hurry to climb out. I owe several friends emails or phone calls and have just been withdrawn in general. Sometimes I have a tendency to shut down within certain circles. I’m so weird. There’s one big reason for it and many smaller ones.

and….here we are again. the above was written a day ago. now its 4 am and i’ve been awake since 2:30. that’s how i roll i guess. the good news is that i’ve answered 2 emails that were long overdue. here’s the thing. i’m unorganized and i procrastinate. and i am waiting for something to happen that is taking longer than i thought and still might not even happen at all. in which case i will probably disappear again. there’s just…stuff. and there is a very annoying bare minerals infomercial on right now that makes me want to throw the remote at the tv. by the way, i’m hungry and am clean out of poptarts and diet coke. must restock tomorrow, er, later today.

eh. peace out.

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  1. so i’m thinking that since we are both up rediciously late we can still gym it up… if you are game I’m willing to drive to you. i miss your face and yesterday was a good reminder as to why. You’re an incredible friend… just so ya know.

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