older & weirder

The thing about getting older is that we acknowledge the things that make us quirky and hopefully embrace them. Or at least laugh. So, in the shower there are various bottles of shampoo, body washes, conditioners, etc. You know, smellygood girlie stuff. Shampoo and conditioner always in matching bottles because I buy the same brand.... Continue Reading →

whirly brain

I have this thing. Whirly brain. I have to be up in a few short hours and yet, my head won't turn off tonight. I'm thinking of places I want to go but can't, work, kiddo, house stuff, a new tattoo, dancing, running, crying, laughing... I am quite certain that I need to stop comparing myself to others... Continue Reading →


January 31 (The sky is crumbling...) by David Lehman The sky is crumbling into millions of paper dots the wind blows in my face so I duck into my favorite barber shop and listen to Vivaldi and look in the mirror reflecting the shopfront windows, Broadway and 104th, and watch the dots blown by the... Continue Reading →

blogging is weird

As with most things, I go through cycles with this blogging thing. I don't think I'll ever delete this space on the interwebs but I'm over feeling guilty for not appearing here every couple of days or trying to define what category this place fits into. It is whatever I want it to be, everything... Continue Reading →

doodiddy poodiddy loodiddy

It's 4 am. Sam has been getting up about twice a night lately. Calling for mommy, paci, drink of water, rock me, potty, and all manner of toddler life crises. I don't mind obliging her. I mean, I'd love to sleep but she's always so cuddly at 2 am so it hard to be irritated.... Continue Reading →

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