doodiddy poodiddy loodiddy

It’s 4 am. Sam has been getting up about twice a night lately. Calling for mommy, paci, drink of water, rock me, potty, and all manner of toddler life crises. I don’t mind obliging her. I mean, I’d love to sleep but she’s always so cuddly at 2 am so it hard to be irritated. But dang I’m tired. I’ve been staying up way too late which is much of the problem.  I want that time to write, watch tv, chat with friends who are also night owls, read, just chill. Its my time and I treasure it. But then I usually pay for it during the day.

I’ll be off tomorrow and will have all manner of refrigerator repairpersons, roofers, HVAC guys and plumbers stopping by to check various things off our list to fix from the inspection report. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared it might be and The Accountant has already taken care of about a third of the things we needed to do and tomorrow will knock out another large chunk of miscellaneous and bizarre things that home buyers want fixed. Oh yeah, did I mention that we sold our house? Within six days of it being on the market a couple from out of state snapped it up. Shocked the fire outta me that it happened so quickly. I fully expected a for sale sign to be in the yard for months. There’s still some drama with an easement document that was done incorrectly so I’m not 100% convinced this deal is going down but am trying to be positive as our realtor has half the county working on the issue.

And so this means that we are looking for a house. We spent most of last Saturday looking and will do the same this weekend. I’m confident we’ll find something soon but wow, its such a huge deal. This next house will be one we stay in for a very long time so we are considering school districts, neighborhood, and all aspects of long-termability. Its stressful but fun at the same time. But time is running out and we close on our current home in a few weeks so I’m feeling the pressure. Worse comes to worse we will rent something but that means moving twice blah blah blah.

Anywho, that’s the big stuff that I’ll mention here for now. The other stuff is just crap so meh. For now, back to bed for an hour or so before some dude shows up to install a bollard. Sounds dirty but its not. Peace out.

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