blogging is weird

As with most things, I go through cycles with this blogging thing. I don’t think I’ll ever delete this space on the interwebs but I’m over feeling guilty for not appearing here every couple of days or trying to define what category this place fits into. It is whatever I want it to be, everything or nothing, doesn’t matter.

Right this second, I’m going to enter into mommy blogger territory…my child is driving me crazy. There, I said it. She can be the absolute sweetest and most adorable thing one minute and then in a flash I’m dreaming of full time nannies and boarding school. All kids are like this right? Its not just me? We recently had her throw out her pacifier, which she had only been using at bedtime. The Accountant was quite successful at getting her to embrace the “I’m a big girl, not a baby” concept and we’ve only had a few meltdowns and episodes of dramatic clawing her way to the trashcan to try and retrieve it. However, our sleeping has gone to heck. She has been waking up every few hours for various reasons and it is maddening. I’m hoping this stage passes quickly because I got over that whole I-have-a-newborn-and-am-getting-up-every-few-hours-no-sleeping-thing a LONG time ago and am not thrilled about going through it again with a cranky pants todder. Example: just now she wanted mommy to come in and arrange very specific blankets in very specific ways because Raggedy Ann was cold. Disclaimer: I love her more than life.

Ok, moving on. Actually no, I’m not moving on. I’m going back to bed. Bleh.

2 thoughts on “blogging is weird

  1. that was ment to go on the video. but I can’t believe how she is grown. I go through blogging spells where i’m posting tons and then nothing. it’s for me that I write and If I have nothing to say, I’m not going to feel guilty for not posting… of course I will… ha.

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