its not as glamorous as it looks on tv

House hunting that is. I won’t even go into the massive stressful drama surrounding the last few weeks but here’s where we are now….we have a contract on our house and one on a house that we plan to purchase. The closings switcheroo will go down (hopefully on the same day if we are lucky) in approximately two weeks.

The new house will be the same distance south of town as we are north of town now. The Accountant’s commute will be drastically reduced and mine will be about the same, perhaps a bit longer, time will tell.  It will be like moving to Disneyworld for kiddo because there is a playground right across the street. I imagine I might as well get ready to spend hours and hours there as we have already tested it out and she was in heaven. The school district is great and the community is lovely. I’m thrilled that we’ll be in before Christmas and even more importantly, before tax season starts. The potential for me to job search more locally is great as well and I’ll be considering that as an option in the future.

This is a long term move. I’m not leaving this house until I’m retired and ready to move to my old folks condo in Florida.

So that’s been my current distraction. Thus ends this blog post. I should really start packing some stuff.

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