Music before sleep

The South German Philharmonic is playing in my earbuds right now. I should be asleep but these Sunday afternoon naps get me every time. And those two sentences place me in the 55+ age bracket don't they? I've started falling asleep to various types of music lately. Nothing particularly avant–garde, mostly light classical or new... Continue Reading →

go away crazy world

What is up? Mass craziness, that's what. Lets see...Fisher is out, Egypt has completely lost its mind and I can't get past Level 12 of Angry Birds. Some of my friends are going through tough times and I feel helpless. This week at work has been the most maddening yet and my potential new career seems to be... Continue Reading →

Under the dryer

The title don't lie...I'm getting my hair did and eschewing those annoying rulz of grammar while I'm at it.  I drove an hour for this because I love my hair girl and not going to her anymore for my one vanity would be like going through a painful divorce. At least I imagine it would... Continue Reading →

2:30 am

Sooooo, hi there. A few is an ungodly hour and I woke up to kiddo crying for me, a headache, frostbite and I had to pee. So, I gave kiddo more blankets and kisses, myself a trip to the potty and more blankets but I totally forgot the tylenol for my head. I'm not... Continue Reading →

random good things

On the drive in this morning, kiddo is quietly immersed in a not-so-quiet Dora the Explorer DVD when I hear "look mommy". I glance over my shoulder and she is grinning at me with her bowl (previously containing a breakfast of mini pancakes) balanced on her head. The backyard is now fenced. Meaning, the Finnspace... Continue Reading →

some of my favs from Xmas 2010

Just so you know, I'm not grumpy mcgrumperson every day. I wanted to clarify that. Moving on to some of my favorite photos from you-know-what. You will notice that there are no pictures of me from Christmas morning. Or any morning for that matter. Two year olds look much cuter when they first get up... Continue Reading →

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