current musical influences

Thanks to a friend for sending me a CD of The Laurie Berkner Band. Mom and daughter both love it! Kiddo is currently in love with this song in particular. I’ll look at her, wiggle my fingers and say “I’m gonna get you, you better run” and she giggles, takes off running through the house laughing her head off while I chase her and sing-song “I’m gonna get you, here … Continue reading current musical influences

moving on

So, that thing I referenced in my last happened. And it felt so good. I put in my notice at my current job. Let’s just say it was a long time coming and my fresh start begins on April Fool’s Day, which makes me laugh. The next few weeks will be a bit awkward as I wrap things up and switch mental gears. I could write … Continue reading moving on

Insomnia post

So, I’ve been up for a couple hours (its 3:47am now) due to a howling cat and fever/chills/body aches. The two are unrelated except that each on their on would not allow me to sleep so put them together and you can just fuggetaboutit. Things have been drama filled lately in a certain aspect of my life and tomorrow, they will all come to a … Continue reading Insomnia post