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somewhere over the…well, you know

24 Mar

I’m trying to wrap up and gear up at the same time. As one who loves change and loathes sameness, this means I’m a happy girl right now. But it also means I’m behind as usual. I always seem to either catch up or the thing I need to catch up on goes away altogether and it doesn’t matter anymore. So I’m not too worried about it either way.

Is this vague?

I managed to snap this picture after the storm yesterday.

Happy Thursday.

this kid makes me laugh

20 Mar

in which i ramble

17 Mar

Just so you know the status, I have a massive headache and am grumpy today. Now you’re up to date. In happy news, my nails look pretty in that trashy Barbie kind of way and the countdown is now at six days. All of that seems incredibly petty with all that is going down in the world these days. It makes me wonder what in the heck is going on and if anyone or anything is in charge here. Questions questions.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day by the way. Kiddo did NOT want to wear the “This Is My Lucky Shirt” shirt I bought her but I sort of made her wear it anyway. I mean, I bought the shirt specifically for today. You will wear the shirt kid. And so she did.

For the record, if one more person asks me when I’m having kid # 2 I am going to flip out. There is this one person in particular that asks me all the time. I’m going post about it at some point and direct her to this here place on the internet for the answer every time she asks.

Here is a picture of my dog. Because he hasn’t been getting enough screen time lately.

various goings on

12 Mar

*this was in my drafts so the timing is off, but whatever..i’m posting it anyway.

So, this blog is on FIAH lately huh? I don’t know why but I’m just in the mood to typie typie typie these days. About mundane and random things that no one cares about but me, no doubt, but that’s why I have a blog. For me. Anywho.

I get to see my mommy this weekend! She’s in town for a conference and we’re gonna hook up when she has some free time I hope. I’ll happily host her at our house Saturday night and we’ll all make the journey westward on Sunday for my grandma’s 89th birthday party. Which I think may be a surprise party, but its not like my grandma reads this blog anyway.

I’m super excited to finally be going to lunch with this girl on Monday! Since we moved to the south side of town I’ve been feeling a little disconnected from my northern friends (haha) lately. It will be awesome to hang with her and catch up a bit. That said, I think a girls night is in order…ahem.

Annnnd, end of draft and into real time…

Craptastic…it’s 10:16 pm…really 11:16 pm sort of technically a lil bit. Great weekend so far. Tomorrow will be long but good. Monday is gonna hurt however. G’night.


10 Mar

I think a lot. I think too much.

Right now I’m thinking that the clock is stuck at 2:51 and will never move again. I think I need chocolate because that’s what I think everyday around 3pm. I think I want another tattoo but can’t decide on what or where. I think one day I’ll go to the airport and tell the ticket agent to surprise me.

I read “A Mad Girl’s Love Song” by Sylvia Plath today and liked it. I want to read more. Go to more art museums and poetry readings. Maybe take another dance class. I should have been a starving artist. Or a hobo.

I just told someone that leading questions are the most interesting ones. I’m pretty sure I’m right about that.


current musical influences

10 Mar

Thanks to a friend for sending me a CD of The Laurie Berkner Band. Mom and daughter both love it! Kiddo is currently in love with this song in particular. I’ll look at her, wiggle my fingers and say “I’m gonna get you, you better run” and she giggles, takes off running through the house laughing her head off while I chase her and sing-song “I’m gonna get you, here I come”!

And I am pretty sure she has a toddler crush on Twist from The Fresh Beat Band. She’ll say “Beat Band” and point to the tv and make sure I know that “that Twist”. The best part, she does the “Great Day” dance complete with the hip-hop-crossing-of-the-arms-assume-cool-stance move at the end. Cracks me up. One day I’ll capture that on video to embarrass her with later.

Photo from here.

stuff ‘n things. with bullets.

9 Mar
  • I like that title. I might use it more often.
  • The countdown is on. 11 more days. Don’t ask what I’m counting down, just trust that its good for me to do so.
  • I got my hair cut like a boy. Super short. I like it.
  • I get to see my mom this weekend. I need to see my mom.
  • I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Weird stupid nonsensical dreams that I can’t remember clearly in the morning.
  • I’ve also been daydreaming a lot lately. Mostly of travel. Looking at pictures of places I’ve been to and loved or want to go to and love. Someday.
  • Someone pointed out to me that my nails are painted Mardi Gras purple. Why yes, yes they are. Next week, St. Patrick’s Day green.
  • I should get a dress I ordered online tomorrow. Except I think it will be too short for my tall frame. A problem I don’t mind having because I’ll just wear it as a shirt and go with it.
  • I’m also getting a robot necklace in the mail. How’s that for random?
  • The end.
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