various goings on

*this was in my drafts so the timing is off, but whatever..i’m posting it anyway.

So, this blog is on FIAH lately huh? I don’t know why but I’m just in the mood to typie typie typie these days. About mundane and random things that no one cares about but me, no doubt, but that’s why I have a blog. For me. Anywho.

I get to see my mommy this weekend! She’s in town for a conference and we’re gonna hook up when she has some free time I hope. I’ll happily host her at our house Saturday night and we’ll all make the journey westward on Sunday for my grandma’s 89th birthday party. Which I think may be a surprise party, but its not like my grandma reads this blog anyway.

I’m super excited to finally be going to lunch with this girl on Monday! Since we moved to the south side of town I’ve been feeling a little disconnected from my northern friends (haha) lately. It will be awesome to hang with her and catch up a bit. That said, I think a girls night is in order…ahem.

Annnnd, end of draft and into real time…

Craptastic…it’s 10:16 pm…really 11:16 pm sort of technically a lil bit. Great weekend so far. Tomorrow will be long but good. Monday is gonna hurt however. G’night.

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