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bad eggs and boogers

8 Mar

Its been a stupid stupid day. The repeated asshattery of some people continues to amaze me. I don’t understand how some people have managed to make it thus far in life without a good butt-whoopin’. I try to have faith that most people are good at heart but sometimes I just don’t see it. Some people just aren’t. Some people are just bad eggs. I’m thoroughly disgusted and more than ready to move on. However, this is not how I wanted to go out. I want the bad guy to be crushed into a pile of pathetic cowering mass of ookiness and the good guy to get the girl, the money and the car. In this case it looks like the bad guy will continue to fester in their own delusions but the good guys will at least endure in some way, yet to be seen. And hopefully will be wiser for the wear. My future looks great and I’m trying not to let past experiences dim my outlook but wow, it’s difficult. Surrounded by negativity and insanity all day for a very long time and what you get is a somewhat jaded and cynical Finn. With a smidge of the crazy.

Otherwise, things are good. Kiddo continues to cough her head off and pour snot but she’s a two year old in daycare so I’m used to it. But it does seem that she is sick a lot. And transfers that sickness on to her parents. Oh well, I guess that will make me appreciate good health all the more once and if it ever comes back around. She’s a funny, quirky and dramatic mess of a kid and I love her to pieces. She is a parrot and repeats things I’d rather she didn’t sometimes. The other day she was doing something especially exasperating and I said “Kiddo, you are driving me crazy”. She gives me the toddler stink-eye and says “Mommy, you dwiving me cwwwwazy”. I mean, really? What could I do but reframe my perspective and kiss her booger encrusted cheeks.

I leave you with this completely unrelated but humorous quote.

If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? 

– Scott Adams

On second thought, that could actually be quite related. Ciao for now.

kids got some ‘tude

7 Mar

moving on

6 Mar

So, that thing I referenced in my last happened. And it felt so good. I put in my notice at my current job. Let’s just say it was a long time coming and my fresh start begins on April Fool’s Day, which makes me laugh. The next few weeks will be a bit awkward as I wrap things up and switch mental gears. I could write a book of the tell-all variety on all the issues going on around me with this subject but I’ve lived it and prefer to leave it all behind and not look back.

The new gig looks amazing and I can’t even express my excitement properly. And there is also caution. Because I know myself and I know that I’ve never really and truly loved any job I’ve ever had. I’ve tolerated them and muddled through, but never loved. I want that to be different this time but sometimes I wonder if the fabric of me is just simply one of discontent and always looking elsewhere. Regardless, this is as close as I can imagine getting to a job that I will love and thrive in. Time will tell and I will do my very best to make this great.

Sweet dreams. Tonight and always.

Insomnia post

1 Mar

So, I’ve been up for a couple hours (its 3:47am now) due to a howling cat and fever/chills/body aches. The two are unrelated except that each on their on would not allow me to sleep so put them together and you can just fuggetaboutit.

Things have been drama filled lately in a certain aspect of my life and tomorrow, they will all come to a head. Probably, if I would admit it, yet another reason I can’t sleep. Honestly, I’m looking forward to it in that evil-glint-in-my-eye-its-about time-karmas-an-itch kind of way. Sue me.

And with that, I’m going to lay back down and stare into the darkness some more.

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