hey homefries

Disclaimer: I first heard and subsequently stole the endearing expression of “homefry” from Mayor of the Bux. She’s full of cute sayings like that.

As I told my mother yesterday in a long overdue email, I have lost my blogging and emailing mojo. Just haven’t made the time to actually do it. I post brilliant and witty prose in my head all the time and email my friends from my subconscious, but that doesn’t help anyone now does it? And just serves to make me crazier than I already am. So, communication FAIL on my part. My bad.

Since Mother’s Day we’ve gone on a fabulous family vacation, attended my bro-in-law’s killer wedding, cooked out with family, I’ve reunited with my bookclub peeps, The Accountant took off to San Diego for a week (for work, nothing juicy) and I am still employed. And I think that’s about it so consider yourself caught up.

Oh, and I started running again and have stuck with it for over a month now. That’s kinda big for me. What is also still rather large is my butt, as no weight loss has occurred with this new regime. But I know why and its pretty simple really. Its because I still eat crap.

I feel an abrupt ending coming on.


3 thoughts on “hey homefries

  1. Hey that’s awesome about the running! I think I’d only run if someone was chasing me. But then I probably wouldn’t even then.

    Where’d you go for vacation?

  2. Hey thanks! I feel so much better afterwards. But then I go home and eat an entire pizza so there is that. Ha!
    We went to Panama City Beach, FL. šŸ™‚

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