missing the man, heading to festivals & finding potties

It’s 12:30 am and kiddo will be up at exactly 5:48 am as is her habit lately. I will be tired tomorrow but I took a massive 5 hour nap today and I’m not tired yet. So here I am. The Accountant has been in CA since forever for work and kiddo and I miss him terribly. Its weird being without him. He’s like the protector guy, the take out the trash, get the mail, fix the car, repair the faucet guy. He’s also pretty cute and we love him to pieces. Kiddo keeps asking for her daddy and tonight before bed she said “daddy come home, gimme kiss and play balloons”. That kid either melts my heart or makes me want to put a For Sale sign on her in the front yard. Such a rollercoaster, this parenting thing.

I’ve spent the last hour or so prepping for kiddo and my day tomorrow. We are meeting some friends at the RC Cola/Moon Pie Festival. I’m not sure what to expect except heat and crowds so I’ve packed a lunch, the stroller, sunscreen and a blanket and am hoping for the best. Mainly that kiddo doesn’t have a meltdown and doesn’t have to poop all day. It’s such a pain finding a potty for a kid who won’t hardly use a public restroom isn’t it? Ha. And I won’t use a porta potty unless it is a dire, and I mean DIRE emergency. And why am I stressing over toilets right now? Maybe I am more tired than I thought.


3 thoughts on “missing the man, heading to festivals & finding potties

  1. Me too (about the porta-potties – they’re horrible!!!).

    I know how you feel about having a man around – I know it’s not very enlightened of me, but there is a primal comfort about having a protector man around. And if he’s handy and sweet… even better!

    Have fun at the Moon Pie Festival. Take pictures!

  2. Girly,
    I managed to avoid all port-o-potties! And kiddo pooped before we left! SCORE!!!
    I took a few pics but it was hard, wrestling a stroller, backpack and kid. We’ll see if I got an postable ones!

    Abe Lincoln gave Sam a flag at the parade! She was so thrilled!!! 🙂 It was super fun.

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