celebrating the working man’s lunch

Small towns take their festivals quite seriously. Are you a high school beauty queen or pulling a float with your granddad’s tractor in the parade? Instant small town celebrity status! I grew up going to the Iris Festival every year and have been known to attend a Strawberry Festival or two but never made it to the Teapot Festival. There is a festival for EVERYTHING. Including RC Colas and Moon Pies.

Kiddo and I had a fabulous time at this one and it was quite phenomenal.We didn’t stay as long as I’d like, due to this momma juggling a stroller, a cooler with packed lunch and a two year old. I was worn out. Not to mention the massive downpour that hit us right after the bluegrass band played. But we met my adorable sister-in-law and another friend there and had a big ol’ time in the few hours that we were there. I do regret that we missed the clogging (kiddo would have LOVED that) and the world’s largest moon pie though. Next year, next year.

I politely shoved my way with kiddo to a prime seat on the side of the road so we could see the parade properly. This gave us prime views of the local tv station news anchors (grand marshals I think? or King and Queen? and what is a Grand Marshal anyway? another small town celebrity thing I think, of the highest caliber) and Snowbird, a local weather mascot. Abraham Lincoln gave kiddo a small American Flag which she thought was the coolest thing ever. Kiddo, not being big on the patriotic theme, kept calling the guy dressed up like Uncle Sam a “clown”. Guess with the hat and the colorful outfit that makes sense.

Then it was time for lunch by the stage while listening to Mountain Cove Bluegrass and watching some ladies do an impromptu jig or two. Various prizes of the moon pie and RC cola variety were given out to the oldest attendee, the youngest, and whoever had traveled the farthest. It was cheesy and cute and quirky.

Here’s some pics although sis-in-law took way better ones. Bell Buckle is a charming little town and the refreshments ain’t bad either.

Lunch by the stage. On haybales of course!
Mountain Cove Bluegrass...talented guys!
Moon Pies in the parade...THEY'RE ALIVE!!!
The RCs were alive, too!!!
Proud kiddo with her flag

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