three years ago yesterday

Kiddo's birthday was yesterday. There was just enough family, there were way too many presents, there is never enough cake. She had a crazy fabulous fun time. I can't believe I have a three year old. You'd think I'd get used to it eventually but so far, nope. She's a blessing and a source of... Continue Reading →

where’s my pillow?

I'm going to fall asleep any second now. A combination of staying up entirely too late doing laundry and other risky wild things and running out of a certain mediation that I need to function in a sane manner. Being an adult is kind of the pits. Yeah, I've got more in my head to... Continue Reading →

where did i go?

This morning I heard myself yell up the stairs to kiddo as she skittered away from me to avoid putting on her socks like I'd told her to multiple times. "You are fixin' to get a time out young lady!!!!" Yes, I said "fixin" just like that, without the g, and I added in a... Continue Reading →

conquering the week

I feel like I've sufficiently conquered the week, even though its only Wednesday. That second work "thing" I had to do is now over and it went pretty well. Not perfect and some unexpected things occurred, but overall feedback was positive. Now on to the next thing. I had lunch with a coworker the other... Continue Reading →

i’d buy it

If they sold confidence in a bottle, I'd buy it. But until then I'm perfecting the "fake it till you make it" method. I'm getting pretty good at it I think. This will be my biggest week in the new job to date so I'm very antsy. One hurdle was conquered this afternoon and I... Continue Reading →

mindfulness + llama = award segue

I find myself neglecting to stop and appreciate the little things sometimes. I believe in Buddhism its called Mindfulness. And really, not just the little things, big things too. Practicing mindfulness has been on my mind for a while, (hahaha, a little Buddha humor there, oh stop it, I'll be here all night) and its... Continue Reading →

let’s keep it up shall we?

Meaning posting here with meaningless drivel to fill space. Nothing wrong with that I say. Last night's sleep wasn't much better than before. Except that I did fall asleep early on The Accountant's side of the bed. I was wearing that sexy garment known as the Snuggie and wow, that thing is so snuggly and... Continue Reading →


No more late night blogging for me. I haven't slept as badly as I did last night in a long time. And it wasn't even THAT late, I was in bed by 11:30. But I think for every year of life you have to go to bed about 30 minutes earlier. The older you get,... Continue Reading →

from the guest room

I love our guest room for some reason. Maybe because its rarely used and stays clean. Or because its cozy and quiet. The dog doesn't come in here, the kiddo doesn't either, nor The Accountant. Its an untouched space of sorts. That's where I am now. Sometimes I'll take my laptop in here and sit... Continue Reading →


That describes how I feel today on all fronts. I just deleted an entire paragraph because I care too much about what people might think of it. Why do I do that? And I just did it again. Backspaced away two sentences that were too raw, too honest, too real. I hate that. But let's... Continue Reading →

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