let’s keep it up shall we?

Meaning posting here with meaningless drivel to fill space. Nothing wrong with that I say.

Last night’s sleep wasn’t much better than before. Except that I did fall asleep early on The Accountant’s side of the bed. I was wearing that sexy garment known as the Snuggie and wow, that thing is so snuggly and cuddly and warm…I love it. I actually have two and just thinking about them makes me drowsy.

Kiddo was up twice last night. Its kind of funny because when she comes in our room at 5:45ish or 6:00am we just let her in bed with us. She thinks of that as her “turn”. Sometimes when she comes in at 3:00 or some other ungodly hour she’ll open the door and ask “my turn”? meaning, is it time for me to get in bed with you guys? Silly kiddo.

I have had lovely lunches with two sets of friends the past couple of days. Yesterday my monthly bookclub met at our local Farmer’s Market to discuss Kabul Beauty School. Ok, so there wasn’t much discussion of the book, it was more like general chit chat. We all liked the book which is a bit unusual for this group and there was no controversy or adversarial opinions to dish about. Next month however, its open season because we’re reading a George Bush biography. That should make for an interesting bookclub meeting. Today I met up with work friends for bar food and cookie dough eggrolls. Hello heaven. It was nice to catch up with former coworkers and well, those “eggrolls”…

Ok for real…there is this room right across the hall from my office where they do mysterious things to research instruments, sterilize them or something. Occasionally there is an incessant beeping that goes on forever until someone in a lab coat goes in there and turns it off. That is happening now. This contributes to my crazy. I know it does. I’m going to start timing it. So far today its been going solid for 15 minutes. Time for the earbuds and some Kravitz.

One thought on “let’s keep it up shall we?

  1. have I told you yet that I’m digging the new layout? cause I am. Heart you and I want a cookie dough eggroll!

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