mindfulness + llama = award segue

I find myself neglecting to stop and appreciate the little things sometimes. I believe in Buddhism its called Mindfulness. And really, not just the little things, big things too. Practicing mindfulness has been on my mind for a while, (hahaha, a little Buddha humor there, oh stop it, I’ll be here all night) and its something I think I would greatly benefit from, as well as those around me. Certainly the practice of mindfulness is much deeper than I describe here but how can making mindfulness a habit at any level, be a bad thing? Especially if it can help me find the set of car keys I misplace Every.Single.Day. Ha.

All that to say that I read Llama Llama Mad at Momma to kiddo’s class on Friday.

And wow, that is a huge leap to make from Buddha to Llama Llama but hold up, I got this.

I’ve read to kiddo’s class three or four times now and each time, I leave the daycare center calmer, happier, and more content. Those kids love the attention of a semi new face and I try to choose silly fun books and make goofy voices, crazy expressions, talk to them and engage them in the story. They are so cute, appreciative and loving. And this is from a girl who never even LIKED kids and dare I say, was severely averse to them and found them quite icky before I had my own. (That is an entirely different post).

The point is, it is way too easy to get bogged down in the little annoyances of the workday, the pettiness of routine or some random perceived drama and lose sight of what matters. That worn out and incredibly overused cliche “stop and smell the roses” comes to me and as cheesy as I find that saying, the meaning behind it is spot on.

I try to keep that positive vibe going throughout the day that I gained from reading to the lil’ crumb snatchers and it gives me valuable perspective. But only when I pay attention to it and don’t lose it by, well, not being mindful of those few minutes at the beginning of my day when I was sitting on the floor surrounded by chubby cheeks and expectant bright eyes. Certain things are important in life and those kids’ faces while I tell them about grumpy llama babies, muskrats in meadows, or the roar of a snore is one of the most meaningful ones.

Thus ends my little sermonette. Now, allay’all, go hug your babies!

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