scream “BOOSTER” y’all

Until last night I hadn’t been to a Vacation Bible School in years. Kiddo has been enjoying her Sunday School class so much that I figured she might also like VBS (as us good Christians refer to it) and so we managed to time it just right to go last night on the way home from a particularly very-bad-most-horrible-quite-long commute.

It was a madhouse of kids and nametags and crafts, but in a good way. I sat with her in her age group appropriate pew o’ kiddos and lo and behold if they didn’t sing the same songs that WE used to sing at VBS. This Little Christian Light of Mine and the one about the king’s 10,000 men/when you’re up you’re up song that hurts my 35 year old knees nowadays. I sent kiddo off to class and hoped she’d be good and learn something. Afterwards she came searching for me among the cookies and kool-aid fun outside (a standard VBS procedure, even still), proudly showing me her crafty bible verse thing she’d made and singing the Booster song! I had forgotten that song even existed and hearing her sing it so boisteriously was a bit surreal.

To be honest, the whole experience was surreal. Not only because the songs were the same, but also that whole VBS vibe was the same. I can’t properly explain the “VBS vibe” but it definitely exists. Hyper kids, the smell of construction paper and glue sticks, peppy songs about God, whales and Wandering Jews, the whole deal. If you’ve ever been to one you get what I’m so poorly trying to express.

However, the most bizarre thing was the fact that across the aisle from me sat a childhood friend who I went to church with growing up, a zillion VBS’s included. He attends this church with his own family and children and I’ll be a Baptist casserole at a potluck if we didn’t hang out at the cookie and kool-aid table and remember doing the exact same thing back in the day as kids. Except now we are taking our own kids to VBS and are grayer, older, much wiser and didn’t challenge each other to a footrace in the parking lot (I always won these by the way). Serious FlashBack Town though. It kind of blew my mind.

I’m planning to take kiddo back tonight. And maybe we’ll sing the Booster song together on the way home.

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