conquering the week

I feel like I’ve sufficiently conquered the week, even though its only Wednesday.

That second work “thing” I had to do is now over and it went pretty well. Not perfect and some unexpected things occurred, but overall feedback was positive. Now on to the next thing. I had lunch with a coworker the other day who gave me some good advice. My problem is not in taking advice, it’s in the implementation. I’m working on it.

Kiddo and I went back to VBS last night. For some reason this time she was clingy and I ended up going to her class with her and staying. Not sure what the difference was except that I left her to follow her group to class and she decided to turn around mid-stream and got confused in the crowd. Then it was all over. I want her to be independent and most of the time she does well but not last night. I also don’t want to be one of “those” moms who are attached to their child at all times. But anywho. This parenting thing is a learn as you go kinda deal I guess.

Not too much to say today really. Looking forward to a run tonight although at this very second I’m about to faceplant into my keyboard so I’m not sure I can muster up the energy to run 3 miles. But we shall see.

Tomorrow will be work and some birthday shopping for kiddo during lunch methinks. Maybe a trip to the pool with her in the afternoon but I make no promises. Friday is her little birthday party at daycare. Saturday, my parents come in for the weekend and Sunday will be a family birthday gig for the munchkin. I’m tired already but it will be a fun filled few days, of that I am certain.

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