running towards something

So, I've been doing this running thing since about mid-May of this year. I've done this before, starting running (well, walking first until I could jog without dying) and kept at it for a bit and then something or other distracted me or I got discouraged and gave up. But here I am three and... Continue Reading →

images from Boston

I'm just home from a lovely first trip to Boston. Big thanks to Dad for letting me tag along. Although it was primarily a work trip for him, we managed to get in some sightseeing together too. Oh, and we unexpectedly drove a simulated race car, in which he beat me because I tried to... Continue Reading →

stupid sneaky emotions

My best friend in high school was and still is the exact opposite of me. She's a cowgirl, I've always been a city girl wannabe. Oh, wait, I've written about this before so hang on while I go find that post...Ah-ha, here it is...Go read this first. I'll wait. I hadn't seen her in over... Continue Reading →


Consistency is not my strong suite. At least when it comes to posting here, and I'm sure many would have several other things to add to the list of Finn's Inconsistencies. Oh well, I am who I am. I need to stop fighting that. Or at least stop trying to squelch who I think I... Continue Reading →

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