Consistency is not my strong suite. At least when it comes to posting here, and I’m sure many would have several other things to add to the list of Finn’s Inconsistencies. Oh well, I am who I am. I need to stop fighting that. Or at least stop trying to squelch who I think I am. Whatever. I’m confusing myself now. In THAT regard I am quite consistent.

I’m sleepy today. Seems to be the case most of the time. I can get 8 hours of sleep or 4 and I feel about the same. I think I have some sort of extra sleep threshold where I need 10 hours or I might as well forget it. And that’s not going to happen so I’ll just keep truckin’ around bleary-eyed I guess.

Tidbits: – My foray back into running is going well. I’ve been at it since mid-May. That’s another post though. – I’m heading to Boston next week for a few days with my dad. He has a business trip and I’m just tagging along. Super excited though! – Otherwise, not much going on. – Work is sputtering along in its weird way and I’m hanging in there still trying to find my role. Yet another post I probably won’t write but who knows. – A bit irritable and melancholy today and people are annoying me for no good reason.

The end.

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