stupid sneaky emotions

My best friend in high school was and still is the exact opposite of me. She’s a cowgirl, I’ve always been a city girl wannabe. Oh, wait, I’ve written about this before so hang on while I go find that post…Ah-ha, here it is…Go read this first. I’ll wait.

I hadn’t seen her in over two years. We only live a few hours from each other but that whole life thing, gets in the way sometimes. Today she ventured south with her sweet husband and spent most of the day with me and kiddo. It was lovely. We talked about old times and new, she played with kiddo (who kept calling her “that girl” for some reason) and reminded me of why we have been friends for so long.

And then she had to go. I sat in a parking lot after she left and sniffled. Teary eyed and wondering what was wrong me. I miss her more than I realized I guess. I eventually got ahold of myself and returned home in a bit of a subdued and reflective mood.

A family member of her husband’s is moving about 10 minutes from our house so I hope to see her more often in the future. Ugh, even writing this I’m looking through a cloud of tears. Seriously what is my deal? Time for bed I think.

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