images from Boston

I’m just home from a lovely first trip to Boston. Big thanks to Dad for letting me tag along. Although it was primarily a work trip for him, we managed to get in some sightseeing together too. Oh, and we unexpectedly drove a simulated race car, in which he beat me because I tried to cheat and cut across the median. Ha. It was great to get to spend some father/daughter time with him. And while he tended to his business, I met up with friends and did some serious roaming of my own.

I got to hang with native Massachusettsian (I made that word up) and great friend, Chris who walked my poor feet off and only let me take the train once! Hardcore tour guide, that guy. Ok, perhaps my choice of shoes for the day wasn’t the best.

I also got to meet fellow blogger, Amber for the first time in real life! We’ve been reading each other’s blogs forever and jumped at the chance to hang out face to face. She’s awesome. Here is her post about our meet up. I’m thinking a trip down South should go on her calendar soon!

I find that each city I go to has its own unique vibe. I liked Boston’s a lot. Its such a pretty town, clean and pedestrian friendly. Old architecture is juxtaposed with modern and the sense of American history is ever present. I dug it a lot and hope to go back soon.

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2 thoughts on “images from Boston

  1. I’m so glad you had fun! I’m really proud of Boston and I’m glad you got to see it on good weather days – I love it here. I wish the food had been better – it’s not indicative of what we have to offer here, but oh well…

    I loved meeting you (and your dad and Chris too)! Thank you so much for letting me know you were going to be around! You’re such a sweetheart.

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