running towards something

So, I’ve been doing this running thing since about mid-May of this year. I’ve done this before, starting running (well, walking first until I could jog without dying) and kept at it for a bit and then something or other distracted me or I got discouraged and gave up. But here I am three and a half months later and I’m still on the wagon.

I have this weird goal of doing one 5K race a month. I’ve done two so far and while I am turtle-like in my pace, I did improve over the 2 races. I guess I want to see that improvement happen on a consistent basis. Plus, races are fun and I get a high after finishing. My next 5K is in a couple of weeks and I’m excited to get out there again. As tacky as the free race t-shirts can be, I wear them with pride.

Its such a mental game for me. If my head is in the right place I can have a good run with a decent-for-me time/pace. If its not, forget it, the run is crappy and I’m discouraged. Lately I’ve been in a bit of a slump or stuck on a plateau, or something. But its ok. I just try to remember that I’m in this for the long haul and not just the one run. (Thanks friend for that gem). More experienced runners are generous with their encouragement and they all say the same thing…stick with it, keep at it, we all started somewhere, you will get faster, better, stronger.

I’ve also recently started counting calories and eating more healthy. I’ve lost 3 pounds so far which isn’t much but its something. A start. Today was also the first time I’ve been to the gym to lift weights in months. That felt great too.

I’m writing all this down as a pat on the back to myself and to have something to come back to when I start slipping. And I will slip. But not today.

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