Pretty great

Its been a pretty great week. An extra short one due to the holiday. The constant rain forced us to get a bit creative with the indoor activities with kiddo but we colored, pasted, painted, bowled, played indoor baseball, barbies, watched movies, ate popcorn, snuggled, danced, played balloon and on and on and on.

Things at the gig are shaping up a bit and I’m finding my groove. Sort of. Its good though. I had a heart to heart with the boss and got some good feedback and am feeling better about the path I’m taking.

The running, working out and eating better thing is still going well. Minus the massive amount of tacos I ate tonight but I’m not counting that. I’ve only lost about three pounds but I feel better so there is that. The running seems to have turned a bit of a corner and my pace is improving a little. I was in a wicked slump and was beginning to get disheartened and then you know what I did? I weighed myself just before a run and was so pissed at the number I saw that I had my best run ever. And the one after that was pretty good too. Today’s wasn’t great but I took it easy and still felt good about it. I’ll be doing a 5k on Saturday and just hope to improve over last month’s race time. Ab work and weights at the gym are making me feel stronger and stand straighter. My calories are down but I still need to work on getting more fruits/veggies. I am a slave to the carbs. Not good. But enough about that stuff.

I saw the Andy Warhol exhibit at The Frist last Friday and it was fabulous. I’m going again tomorrow to see what I can see. I love art museums. Much like libraries, they reek of peace of mind, thoughtfulness and creative energy. They’re just positive and inspirational places to hang out.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll pack up myself and kiddo and head to my home county for a weekend of family, running, and a hotel room for a couple of nights. I’m hoping I can sleep in the same room with kiddo and that I can manage her and all our stuff and activities that we have planned. I imagine I’ll return home on Sunday exhausted but it should be an interesting time.

Adios for now.

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